PAC3PATRIOT Advanced Capability - 3
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Significant orders included transmitters for IFICS for use with the Missile Defense System and power supplies for the PAC3 Missile.
Johnson today announced the appointment of 16 health-care leaders to the board of the Pennsylvania Cancer Control Consortium, known as PAC3.
The mission of PAC3 is to reduce the human and economic burden of cancer for all citizens of the Commonwealth through a collaboration of leaders from many organizations.
To view a copy of the plan, contact the PAC3 Coordinating Office at (412) 623-3209 or visit the PAC3 Web site at http://www.
The Department of Health and PAC3 members have demonstrated bold leadership in creating this plan," said Dr.
PAC3 was created in 2001 and represents more than 190 stakeholders from the health care community, cancer research centers, academia, community organizations, advocacy groups, insurers, industry, state government and cancer survivors.
A model developed by PAC3 shows that cancer cases throughout PA in 1998 could have been reduced by 17 percent if smoking had ceased.