PACAFPacific Air Forces
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Pratt, "The Royal Laotian Air Force, 1954-1970," (Hickam AFB, HI: HQ PACAF, 15 Sep 70), [hereafter Pratt Report].
O'Shaughnessy: My first assignment here in PACAF was actually back in 1992.
Under the contract, valued at approximately $80 million if all options are exercised, General Dynamics Information Technology will provide single system management, maintenance and support for existing communications systems for both North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, and Pacific Air Forces Air Defense, or PACAF.
He then went on to outline two major logistics initiatives (POMO and centralized intermediate repair facility [CIRF]) in PACAF that he felt were detrimental to "flying plenty of safe and effective sorties," his motto.
Each year, PACAF participates in approximately 30 international exercises, ranging from bilateral exercises like Cope India to multilateral exercises like Red Flag-Alaska.
As the PACAF Director of Plans and Programs, my team develops the command's long-range, deliberate plans to implement national, military and theater strategy in support of our nation's interests.
PACAF advisors also played a vital role in military-to-military air coordination, and they trained RTAF pilots and planners on international flight requirements and procedures.
In addition, final price negotiations with PACAF Command for IT Consulting Services will be completed August 2003.
The challenges of PACAF are formidable: its area of responsibility covers 105 million square miles and is home to 60 parent of the world's population (with 1,000 languages and dialects spoken in 73 countries and territories).
In scheduling the classes, PACAF Headquarters Athletic Manager Bob George's goals were to ensure PACAF military fitness center personnel remain current with the fitness industry and promote smart training principles.
According to Ross Higa of Headquarters, PACAF, the details were formidable.
In that position, he managed the Korean Tactical Air Control System (TACS) and directed all TACS units in PACAF.