PACAPPituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide
PACAPPituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Peptide
PACAPPhilippines-Australian Community Assistance Program
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The group then used genetic tools to place fluorescent markers in POA cells expressing either PACAP or BDNF, and discovered a significant overlap in fluorescence, meaning that a distinct population of POA neurons expresses both genes at high levels.
The sample includes all firms in PACAP Japan during the 1980-2005 period.
For example, a company can save a certain amount of resources in new product development if it has acquired a sound knowledge of its customers' needs through well-founded PACAP processes.
Women, but not men, with high blood levels of PACAP display more of the symptoms of PTSD, such as difficulty discriminating between fear and safety signals and being easier to startle.
This finding is consistent with previous research in Subayon which showed that 48% of the total community income came from remittances of family members working outside the community (UBCDFI PACAP SLNRMP 2007).
2 Number of firms Median 107 65 48 131 66 Minimum 43 30 9 44 27 Maximum 154 101 126 233 223 Number of firms trading Median 51 41 42 128 49 Minimum 15 2 10 57 13 Maximum 163 151 132 243 234 * Data comes from five Asian markets from the PACAP database from the University of Rhode Island.
PACAP and the growth release hormone (GRH) are part of the same super-family of regulatory neuropeptides and both have hypophysiotropic activity; low height is common in patients with Monosomy 18p and it may be a result of deficiency of the growth hormone secondary to an alteration in a path involving the genes mentioned, where PACAP would be absent because of the deletion (4).
Using data collected from PACAP Database, we found that the average level of ownership held by financial institutions decreased from 31.
Our study used only March 31 fiscal year-end and non-financial firms from the PACAP database for Japan compiled by the Pacific-Basin Capital Market (PACAP) Research Center at the University of Rhode Island.
The sample consisted of Japanese companies in the PACAP database from 1990 to 1998.
The annual reports and macroeconomic variables are obtained from the Extel Company Research Services and Daiwa Securities Research Institute for Japan; PACAP Database of the University of Rhode Island for Malaysia; and Vital Information Services, Karachi for Pakistan.
We obtained daily stock prices and returns for sample firms and the market index from the PACAP 1999 database for 1994 through 1997.