PACAP-38Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide with 38 Amino Acid Residue
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In a mouse model of glaucomatous retinal damage by intravitreal NMDA injection, PACAP-38 prevented NMDA-induced cell death in the ganglion cell layer, including retinal ganglion cells and [Iba1.sup.+] cells, presumably through a mechanism dependent on IL-10 release by retinal microglia/macrophages [136].
PACAP-38 was shown to inhibit NADPH oxidase activity and ROS production in microglial cells.
Kuruvilla, "PACAP-38 is a chemorepellent and an agonist for the lysozyme receptor in Tetrahymena thermophila," Journal of Comparative Physiology A, vol.