PACCTProgram for the Assessment of Clinical Cancer Tests (est. 2000; US NIH)
PACCTParents and Children Coping Together (now Virginia Federation of Families; Roanoke, VA)
PACCTParents and Children as Co-Travelers in a World of Ideas (science programming; US NASA)
PACCTPolitical Action Committee for Cable Television
PACCTParents and Community Connecting Together (Littleton, CO)
PACCTPublic Action for Child Care Today
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Exclusion criteria included children in the neonatal intensive care unit, those who died within 72 hours of their initial admission, those patients with an incomplete medical record, and those who had received PACCT services less than 30 days prior to death.
The medical records of nine case-controlled children who did not receive PACCT services were identified and analyzed to compare hospital costs during the last 6 months of life.
In comparing children who received PACCT services to case controls, the similarities are striking, and the differences may have clinical significance.