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PACEProgram of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly
PACEProperty Assessed Clean Energy (energy financing)
PACEProgram for Adult College Education
PACEPolice And Criminal Evidence Act (UK; also seen as PCEA)
PACEPaper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union
PACEPlanetary Association for Clean Energy
PACEPrograms of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PACEProtecting America's Competitive Edge (US government proposed legislation)
PACEProgramme d'Action Communautaire pour Les Enfants
PACEProduct and Cycle-Time Excellence (Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath)
PACEProgram for Afloat College Education
PACEPriority Access Control Enabled (3Com)
PACEProcessing and Cognitive Enhancement
PACEPerpetual Annual Campaign Endowment
PACEProfessional Academy of Custody Evaluators
PACEPractical Academic Cultural Education
PACEPersonal Assistance in Community Existence
PACEProgressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion (exercise technique by Al Sears, MD)
PACEProgressive Alliance for Community Empowerment (New Mexico)
PACEPhilippine Association of Communication Educators
PACEPositive Attitudes Change Everything
PACEPeople Against Chimpanzee Experiments
PACEProfessional Achievement in Continuing Education (insurance)
PACEPlasma Assisted Chemical Etching
PACEProperty Advisors to the Civil Estate (UK government)
PACEPacific Alliance for Catholic Education
PACEPin and Area Constraint Editor
PACEPacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. (California)
PACEProfessional Association of Colorado Educators
PACEPeoria Area Community Events
PACEPennsylvania Alliance for Character Education
PACEPromoting Aphasics' Communicative Effectiveness (aphasia treatment approach)
PACEProcurement Automated Contract Evaluation
PACEProgram for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment (Bellcore)
PACEProfessional and Career English
PACEPre-College Awards for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
PACEPlan A College Education (nursing)
PACEPeople Accessing Careers and Education
PACEPilot-Assisted Channel Estimation
PACEPhysics and Chemistry Experiment (NASA)
PACEPeople Against Child Exploitation
PACEProfessional Association of Contract Employees
PACEPublic Affairs Center of Excellence (US Air Force)
PACEPrimary Alternate Contingency Emergency (Plan)
PACEProduction and Capacity Expansion
PACEParents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (Ohio)
PACEProfessional & Administrative Career Examination
PACEProgramming for Academic and Creative Excellence (Ontario, Canada)
PACEProfessional Accounting Career Exploration (Program)
PACEPerceived Annoyance Caused By Echo (Telecommunications testing)
PACEProgram for Academic and Creative Extension (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
PACEPersonal Finance and Career Exploration (high school class)
PACEPoint-Ahead Compensation Experiment
PACEProcessor for Aerodynamic Computations and Evaluation (India)
PACEPocket-Sized Automatic Crypto Equipment
PACEPlano Academic Creative Education
PACEPrecision Architecture Computing Environments
PACEPlant Acquisition and Construction Equipment
PACEPacket Circuit Engine (Radsys)
PACEProgram Acquisition Cost Estimate
PACEPerformance Advanced CMOS Engineering
PACEProtocol-Aided Channel Equalization
PACEPortable Acoustic Collection Equipment
PACEParticles, Atmosphere and Chemistry Experiment (NASA)
PACEProfessional Accreditation & Certifying Education (figure skating coaching)
PACEPlan de Acción CIM (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) para España (Spain)
PACEProgression for Adaptive and Cognitive Education
PACEPower Assisted Glove End Effector
PACEPatent Application Capture and Entry (USPTO)
PACEPerformance & Cost Evaluation Program
PACEProcessing & Classification of Enlistees
PACEProfessional Applications Creation Environment
PACEProgram for Academically Creative Enrichment (Washington)
PACEPerformance Appraisal and Competency Evaluation (employee evaluation software)
PACEProgressive Alliance of Capitol Employees (Philippines)
PACEProtection Against a Changing Economy
PACEProfits After Controllable Expenses
PACEPreventing Accidents Concerns Everyone
PACEPublic Affairs Community Exchange (US Navy)
PACEProfessional Activities Committees for Engineers (IEEE)
PACEPersonalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation (servicemark of UBS)
PACEParliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
PACEPharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (Pennsylvania)
PACEPlant and Capital Equipment
PACEPacific Asia China Energy (Canada)
PACEPan Arab Consulting Engineers (Kuwait)
PACEProgram in America and California Explorations (John F. Kennedy High School; California)
PACEPhysician Assessment and Clinical Education
PACEPartnership for Academic and Community Excellence
PACEPeople with Arthritis Can Exercise
PACEPacing and Clinical Electrophysiology (journal)
PACEPacific Asian Consortium in Employment (Los Angeles, California)
PACEPartners for the Advancement of CAD/CAM/CAE Education
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Perhaps the rapidity of the changes from one of these paces to the other created an optical illusion, which might thus magnify the powers of the beast; for it is certain that Heyward, who possessed a true eye for the merits of a horse, was unable, with his utmost ingenuity, to decide by what sort of movement his pursuer worked his sinuous way on his footsteps with such persevering hardihood.
You may as well take him around after breakfast; go by the common and the Highwood, and back by the watermill and the river; that will show his paces.
Five paces by four and a half, five paces by four and a half, five paces by four and a half.
To the right -- to the left -- far and wide -- with the shriek of a damned spirit; to my heart with the stealthy pace of the tiger
There, upon huge pedestals of dark rock, sculptured with rude emblems of the Phallic worship, separated from each other by a distance of forty paces, and looking down the road which crossed some sixty miles of plain to Loo, were three colossal seated forms--two male and one female--each measuring about thirty feet from the crown of its head to the pedestal.
But both of them were too much pressed for time to allow them to continue long at that pace.
Nay, good brother," said he, "we will ride fast, and thou wilt tire to death at the pace.
Yet this did not prevent me from feeling a little uncomfortable in his presence; and I proceeded to follow my pupils at a much quicker pace than before; though, perhaps, if Mr.
Tired at last of playing with my clothing the creatures threw it to the ground, and catching me, one on either side, by an arm, started off at a most terrifying pace through the tree tops.
Another pace, and the poor lieutenant gave the signal he so hated to give.
Daylight stood it magnificently, but the killing pace was beginning to tell on Kama.
Jimmie made an impatient gesture and quickened his pace.