PACECPublic and Corporate Economic Consultants (UK)
PACECPennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children (also known as Pennsylvania Federation Council for Exceptional Children (PFCEC))
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In their attempt to square this circle, landowners and others exercising service have long argued that their management interventions are designed to work with nature and improve it (McEachern, 1992; PACEC, 2006).
PACEC also will oversee the Panasonic Learning Laboratory, a hands-on educational facility for New York City students.
The suggestion that 40% of birds shot are not retrieved is based on 60-year-old research undertaken in a different country looking at different birds, not modern well-managed game shooting in the UK, in which 97% of all game meat goes into the food chain (figure from the PACEC report, The Value of Shooting).
It commissioned research from consultants PACEC which showed that, in Wales, the sport supports 2,400 full-time jobs and influences the management of around 380,000ha of land.
Despite a small sample size (where only 43 per cent of Business Links [BL] were able to provide any final impact measures) the survey revealed some useful findings that complement the most recent BE evaluation conducted by PACEC (1998).