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PACEDProblem, Alternatives, Criteria, Evaluation, Decision (problem soloving methodology)
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Miss Tilney drew back directly, and the heavy doors were closed upon the mortified Catherine, who, having seen, in a momentary glance beyond them, a narrower passage, more numerous openings, and symptoms of a winding staircase, believed herself at last within the reach of something worth her notice; and felt, as she unwillingly paced back the gallery, that she would rather be allowed to examine that end of the house than see all the finery of all the rest.
The control group was asked to perform a second self-paced trial whereas the paced group was asked to run a second 1600m TT with another runner (pacer).
One way is to set pacing rates so that patients are paced only when their heart rates make pacing necessary, he told this newspaper.