PACFLTPacific Fleet
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To generate readiness, USFF and PACFLT execute resources programmed two years in advance.
Just like Burton and the PACFLT cable, the bright minds of the STEAG prevailed and a systematic and disciplined way forward was planned and set in motion.
Led and cochaired by the PACAF chief of staff and the PACFLT deputy commander, the PASCE will serve as the catalyst for implementing ASB in PACOM, building and strengthening ties across PACOM components, improving our war-fighting capabilities, and supporting joint war fighters.
As part of the nation's Maritime Strategy, PACFLT conducts humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.
PACFLT is confident eKM can easily integrate into the existing Defense Knowledge Online (DKO), a service gateway offering many of the same benefits as eKM.
The CPI event, which was sponsored by CAPT Mark Wheeler (Commanding officer NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor) and CAPT JD Cassani (Deputy PACFLT N4), focused on developing a flow chart outlining each step in the ACSA transaction process, the stakeholders that own each step, and a mechanism for executing the process if one didn't exist.
Syed Ahsan that completed phase three of a yearlong project funded by PACFLT [U.
Pacific Fleet (PACFLT), significantly increasing forwardstocked items in places like DLA Distribution Yokosuka Japan, resulting in a positive impact on PACFLT readiness.
NAVSUP N3/4 chairs the FSPC Advisory Council (FAC) that includes Captains and GS-15 members from OPNAV N41, USFF N41, and PACFLT N41.
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics (Code N3/4) acts as the Secretary of the Council and as a member of the FSPC Advisory Council (FAC) that includes 0-6 and GS-15 members from OPNAV N41, USFF N41, and PACFLT N41.
As such, the LRC became the center of "all things operational logistics" for PACFLT.