PACFLTPacific Fleet
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Led and cochaired by the PACAF chief of staff and the PACFLT deputy commander, the PASCE will serve as the catalyst for implementing ASB in PACOM, building and strengthening ties across PACOM components, improving our war-fighting capabilities, and supporting joint war fighters.
As part of the nation's Maritime Strategy, PACFLT conducts humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.
The CPI event, which was sponsored by CAPT Mark Wheeler (Commanding officer NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor) and CAPT JD Cassani (Deputy PACFLT N4), focused on developing a flow chart outlining each step in the ACSA transaction process, the stakeholders that own each step, and a mechanism for executing the process if one didn't exist.
PACFLT is confident eKM can easily integrate into the existing Defense Knowledge Online (DKO), a service gateway offering many of the same benefits as eKM.
Their project report was then converted to a technical report and given to PACFLT N-4 along with a 'plug and play' version that will enable PACFLT planners to operate and modify the model.
The preparation of Reserve personnel for these LRC positions would require a new level of RC/AC integration and a new approach to PACFLT Reserve Logistics units' training and readiness.
Patricia Wolfe, who serves as both the Commander, Naval Logistics Forces Korea and the N4R (senior Supply Corps Reservist) at Pacific Fleet (PACFLT) Headquarters has instituted a standardized program for the training and contingency deployment of PACFLT Supply Corps officers that allows PACFLT greater fl exibility in responding to regional contingencies in its AOR.
From the day the implementation/ reorganization date was set, a new chapter in PACFLT history began.
In coordination with C7F, CTF 515, FISC, PACFLT and others, CFWP works everything from moving shipments of blood to expediting surface CASREP parts for units actively engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom--Philippines.
The LRC provides the Fleet logistics perspective in the decision cycle for procurements and maintenance of ordnance, and establishes the load plans for PACFLT NMC Dets and the ships; this spans what gets bought, what gets fixed, where it's located, and why.
The CPF Logistics CONOPS is designed to describe the processes, procedures, and supporting organizations involved in providing logistics support to naval forces within the PACFLT AOR with particular emphasis on the WESTPAC region.