PACGPrimary Angle Closure Glaucoma (eyes)
PACGPeña Atletica Centuria Germana (Spanish)
PACGProgressive Action for the Common Good
PACGProsecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia
PACGPerformance Assessment Coordinating Group
PACGPan African Capital Group LLC (Washington, DC)
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If left untreated, PACG can cause decreased vision or blind.
Limitations of the study: In our study, ample size was small, measurement of RNFL-T was done by relatively old machine, and patients with ocular hypertension, normal tension glaucoma and PACG were not included.
To our knowledge, this was the first study conducted in the northwest Croatia population to determine the prevalence of PXS, PXG, POAG and PACG.
3 is seen as an indication of an eye at risk of PACG.
Late presentation in POAG and PACG is common (Gogate, Deshpande, Chelerkar, Deshpande, & Deshpande, 2011).
The team of scientists led an international consortium that carried out a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of 1,854 PACG cases and 9,608 controls of over five sample collections in Asia.
The information on genes involved in PACG has also opened up new and exciting research areas for us that we hope will culminate in new treatment modalities for angle closure glaucoma in the future," Said Dr Eranga Vithana, Associate Director, Basic and Experimental Sciences at SERI, and lead author of the paper.
MYOC gene may not be playing a significant role in causing POAG and PACG in our population.
showed the overall pooled prevalence of PACG in those of adult Asians was 0.
Intraocular pressures decreased in all groups postoperatively, but the change was statistically significant in the PACG group (p=0.
However in East Asia, the prevalence of angle closure is much greater (for example, in Mongolia PACG accounts for four-out-of-five newly diagnosed cases of glaucoma).
Of these, more than 5 million with PACG are blind which is twice more than POAG.