PACHPatterson Army Community Hospital
PACHPost Acute Care Hospital
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PACHS students also discussed the implications of living in the Diaspora.
Nonetheless, he acknowledges PACHS as a space that he regards as being a refuge from these daily challenges.
However, students were also quick to point out that PACHS represented a respectful space in which they found a healthy escape from life on the streets.
For the PACHS participants, attending an alternative school that was created with the interests of DiaspoRican students in mind, these spaces were readily available within the walls of their school.
Moreover, PACHS is constantly working to revise their curriculum in order to raise consciousness around what it means to be DiaspoRican in an urban center like Chicago.
Similarly, Damien compared his former Chicago public high schools with PACHS when he remarked:
As Melissa and Damien remarked, the PACHS school space was racially/ethnically and linguistically conducive to respecting students' DiaspoRican identities.
In sharp contrast to Rana High School, PACHS was founded as a direct response to large, comprehensive Chicago high schools that continually disrespected their DiaspoRican youths' lived experiences.