PACHSPedro Albizu Campos High School (Chicago, IL)
PACHSPhiladelphia Area Center for the History of Science (Philadelphia, PA)
PACHSPalo Alto County Health System
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At Mitylene also, a dispute, which arose concerning a right of heritage, was the beginning of great evils, and a war with the Athenians, in which Paches took their city, for Timophanes, a man of fortune, leaving two daughters, Doxander, who was circumvented in procuring them in marriage for his two sons, began a sedition, and excited the Athenians to attack them, being the host of that state.
For the PACHS participants, attending an alternative school that was created with the interests of DiaspoRican students in mind, these spaces were readily available within the walls of their school.
Moreover, PACHS is constantly working to revise their curriculum in order to raise consciousness around what it means to be DiaspoRican in an urban center like Chicago.
In the case of PACHS, students were highly encouraged to dialogue about race/ethnicity and its place in Puerto Rican history and in the context of the lived experiences of DiaspoRican youth.
But here at this school (PACHS), we actually get to talk about our own people and the good things they do for our community.
Similarly, Damien compared his former Chicago public high schools with PACHS when he remarked:
What makes me want to be here at the school (PACHS) all the time is that the teachers make me feel good to be Puerto Rican.
PACHS, which was established specifically to address the needs of DiaspoRican youth who were underserved by the traditional public school system, was dominated by relationships of mutual respect that made Puerto Rican youth feel welcome and worthy of investment.
In sharp contrast to Rana High School, PACHS was founded as a direct response to large, comprehensive Chicago high schools that continually disrespected their DiaspoRican youths' lived experiences.
Project FUERTE and PACHS are school projects that were conceptualized in order to RicanStruct viable alternatives to the deplorable schooling and material conditions that most DiaspoRican youth face on an everyday basis.