PACQLQPediatric Asthma Caregiver Quality of Life Questionnaire
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Approval for using the standardized Arabic version of the PAQLQ and the PACQLQ was taken from the author.
The mean score of the emotional function domain of PACQLQ was significantly higher among the caregivers whose children reported [greater than or equal to] 3 times of hospital admission during the 6 months preceded the study compared to others (Student's t= 2.33, P < 0.05).
This will be helpful to provide better condition to control asthma.18 In the present study, caregivers of children with controlled asthma had better PACQLQ scores compared to others, which agrees with the recent Indian study.15
Juniper from McMaster University, Canada for her permission to use the PAQLQ, PACQLQ, and ACQ for the study, as well as all the children and their families for their participation in this study.