PACRIMPacific Rim
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Additionally, the CFSEI will hold its annual meeting and technology sessions in conjunction with PACRIM, which will include field trips and special presentations on resisting progressive collapse, as well as the structural effects of the recent earthquake in Hawaii.
PACRIM will join manufacturers, distributors, developers, steel-framing contractors, architects, engineers, and government and research officials for a full schedule of networking seminars
We hope the 2007 PACRIM will help enhance the industry's abilities to compete with new products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and enable innovations throughout the steel framing industry," said Adam Sutton, President, Hawaii Pacific Steel Framing Alliance.
A complete schedule of the PACRIM conference, including dates, times, seminar titles, and registration forms is available http://www.
The PACRIM conference provides attendees with a full-spectrum of programs that will put them at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing market for steel framing.
PACRIM will open on Sunday evening, March 9, for an Aloha Reception and Conference Opening Dinner, with opening ceremony and welcome remarks from the Honorable Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawaii.