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PACSAPietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (South Africa)
PACSAPlymouth Argyle Cornish Supporters Association (UK)
PACSAParents Association for Children of Special Abilities (Australia)
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Pacsa AS, Agarwal R, Elbishbishi EA, Chaturvedi UC, Nagar R, Mustafa AS.
PACSA Capacity Development: PACSA - Department of Public Administration Development DPAD -CSD is fulfilling its duties under the NPA and Foundations decrees through an effective legal framework, information management system and coordination mechanisms.
The company is seeking debt financing for the PACSA project which will determine the amount of equity required from CORDEX.
CORDEX's principal source of funds for its investment in PACSA would be the proceeds of the sale of its oil and gas assets to Gener S.