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PACTParallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (Conference)
PACTParents and Children Together
PACTParent and Child Together
PACTPalmetto Achievement Challenge Test
PACTPartners and Community Together
PACTProfessional Association of Canadian Theatres
PACTPrivate Agencies Collaborating Together (Washington, DC)
PACTPerformance Assessment for California Teachers
PACTProtected Areas Conservation Trust (Belize)
PACTProducers Alliance for Cinema & Television
PACTPowdered Activated Carbon Treatment
PACTPartnership in Advanced Computing Technologies
pACTpersonal Air Communications Technology
PACTProtect All Children Today (Australia)
PACTParents & Abducted Children Together
PACTPalo Alto Collaborative Testbed
PACTProcess Assessment, Consulting, & Training (Burnsville, Minnesota)
PACTPhilippines Against Child Trafficking (Quezon City, Philippines)
PACTPeople Against Coercive Treatment
PACTPartners Achieving Change Together
PACTParents Allied with Children and Teachers
PACTPresbyterian Association for Community Transformation
PACTPhilippine Association of Chemistry Teachers
PACTPartial Aircrew Coordination Trainer
PACTProcess Automation Configuration Tool
PACTProfit and Cash Turnaround
PACTProduction Analysis Control Technique
PACTPutting Athletes and Community Together (Michigan State University)
PACTProgressive Allied Canadian Technologies (Northguard comic fictional corporation)
PACTPerformance-based Academic Coaching Teams
PACTParent Advisory Council Team
PACTPositive Assertive Control Tactics (law enforcement)
PACTPassaic County Alliance for Countywide Technology (New Jersey)
PACTPeople's Association Cultural Troupe (Singapore)
PACTPeople Against Casino Town (Oregon)
PACTPrecision Ballistic Measurement Equipment
PACTPlaister Aural Comprehension Test
PACTPlaced Actual (rail car movement event code)
PACTPilot Ada Capabilities Transition
PACTPreventive Measures, Analyses, Controls, and Tests
PACTPrivate Access Communications Terminal
PACTPeople Achieving Change Together (Sacramento, CA)
PACTProfessional Apprenticeship Career Track Program (US Navy)
PACTPrograms of Assertive Community Treatment
PACTPolice and Community Together
PACTProgramme of Action for Cancer Therapy (International Atomic Energy Agency)
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Khaniri urged the other NASA principals to put aside their personal interests and support the pact.
To examine whether changes in health care delivery in the VHA under the PACT transformation led to changes in organizational processes of care and patient outcomes, we link detailed interview-based qualitative data on PACT implementation to quantitative outcomes from VHA clinical encounter data.
The pact has been approved by true men and women who care about the country's interests more than you do.
He has to either sign the pact and take the blame of many Afghans for labeling him as a foreign stooge and "sold out" or do not sign and invoke the ire of his allies.
Terming the security pact as against the national interest and chanting anti-US slogans, the demonstrators asked President Hamid Karzai not to sign the controversial pact, Xinhua reported.
DIMAN, Lebanon: The Maronite patriarch said Friday that Lebanon should return to its National Pact and adopt a policy of "no West, no East" to deal with political and other challenges faced by the country.
No senior police officer was in attendance at the meeting to explain how this will work but he will be receiving an invitation to join us at the next PACT meeting in March.
The signing of the military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan was postponed at the last minute last Friday, due to a strong political outcry in South Korea, where historically rooted anti-Japanese sentiment is still strong.
This is a pact that we postponed at the risk of a diplomatic gaffe and it is difficult to pull out of it.
Raja Azzaim, the Syrian charge d'affaires said today: 'the Iraqi Foreign Minister asked me to inform my government that Iraq would welcome a visit to Baghdad by a Syrian mission to negotiate and conclude a bilateral military defence pact.
Djankov's new position is a retreat from his vigorous push for his brainchild, a fiscal board designed to restrict budget deficit constitutionally, as he previously hoped to see the Pact adopted by September; other representatives of the ruling center-right party GERB such as Parliament Chair Tsetska Tsacheva had even suggested the legislation could be adopted by the end of June.
However, the government is open to joining at a later stage depending on how the pact will develop in practice.