PACTEParcours d'Accès aux Carrières de la Fonction Publique Territoriale, Hospitalière et de l'État (French: Access Routes to the Civil Service Career Region and State Hospital)
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Such is the case of Williams (2009) and the research group at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, PACTE (2009).
2004: 18), while for PACTE, acceptability "refers to translation product quality" (2009: 11).
As far as ATC is concerned, PACTE (2000:103-104) defines the process as (see figure 1) a dynamic, spiral process that evolves from novice knowledge (pre-translation competence) to expert knowledge (translation competence); it requires learning strategies and, during the process, both declarative and procedural types of knowledge (sub-competences) are integrated, developed and restructured.
These three questionnaires were designed by PACTE for their experiments on TC and ATC: the questionnaire on the participants' backgrounds was designed to gain further information about the participants in our sample, their translation experience, their acquisition of foreign languages and additional features (PACTE, 2002: 53).
Results of the Validation of the PACTE Translation Competence Model: Acceptability and Decision Making.
The bill PACTE will be presented to the Council of Ministers on April 18.
This study is part of the research lines developed by the research group PACTE.
Translation competence is defined by PACTE as "the underlying system of knowledge required to translate" (2003, p.
This study follows the experimental research design developed by PACTE in the Translation Competence (TC) and Acquisition of Translation Competence (ATC) experiments conducted from October 2005 to March 2006, and in 2011.
In contrast to the experiments conducted by PACTE (2005), in which the selected rich points represented a variety of translation problem types, in my study they will be culturemes of different natures.
La construction d'un modele d'evaluation d'une politique de developpement territorial: le cas du dispositif des Pactes ruraux de la Politique nationale de la ruralite du Quebec.
Etabli sur une superficie de 10 hectares et employant un effectif global de 356 personnes, son complexe industriel, situA@ A Had Soualem, dispose d'une capacitA@ de production de 20000 tonnes/an pour le couscous, et 43000 tonnes/an pour les pActes courtes et les pActes longues.