PACVDPlasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
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These advanced coatings are developed through proprietary bath chemistries and new vacuum-chamber technologies that use PVD, CVD, and PACVD. "Application technology is driving the development of tool coatings that are more durable at reduced thicknesses, bring improved lubricity to aid release of extremely tight-tolerance parts, or protect better against erosion and corrosion," says David Bell, CEO of Phygen, a coating service supplier with an advanced, patented process.
In addition, the company has just completed the first phase of new investment in new PVD and PACVD processes, valued at more than [pounds sterling]1 million, to expand facilities to meet the needs of the aerospace, biomedical and high end automotive engineering businesses." John Rushforth continued: "While the process of accreditation to this new standard is, as it should be, very rigorous our electron beam evaporation technique used for our PVD coatings produces a highly consistent, defect-free and very smooth coating.
Hot filament-assisted CVD and PACVD methods, however, provide greater control over deposition temperature, purity, microstructure, and orientation.
Elaborating on the research objectives, he said, "Today, methods such as CVD, PACVD, and PVD are used for deposition of nano-sized titanium nitride.
Study of wear behaviour of specially coated (CVD, PACVD) cemented carbide tools while milling of wood-based material.
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"Primary deposition technologies are PVD, PaCVD and CVD with PVD being currently used to deposit TiN (titanium nitride) on implants for patients with alloy sensitivity issues, currently used widely in Europe.
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Employing PVD, CVD, and PaCVD technologies, we have the largest selection of biocompatible coatings designed to enhance implant and instrument life and performance.