PACWAPan-African Christian Women Alliance (est. 1997)
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Father Pacwa explained, "Reiki is an attempt to make a 'technique' out of praying for the sick.
So Victoria and other women from PACWA want to set out again, this time to the Lofa area in the north-west of Liberia, heading for the place where renewed outbreaks of fighting have been reported.
As a result, the women in PACWA have found their peace efforts restricted, but they are by no means inactive.
Like Victoria and the PACWA women, George too wants to help bring about peace and set signs of peace in zones of devastation and conflict.
Pacwa and the memo to bishops are concerned with links between two spiritual teachers with an affinity for esoteric ideas: George Gurdjieff (whom most enneagram teachers ignore because he never uses the term and certainly didn't know the personalities) and Oscar Ichazo (who learned about the enneagram from somewhere and gives preposterous answers about where).
Pacwa and the bishops' memorandum ignore the writings, workshops, retreats and allied experiences of enneagram teachers for the last 15 years.
When critics such as Pacwa say the enneagram lacks a scientific foundation, perhaps it is because they haven't looked at any of the social science sources.
The bishops begin on Page One by saying that the non-Christian origins of the enneagram do not "preclude the possibility that Christians might find in it truths that can be appropriated within a Christian worldview." Then they spend 13 pages repeating Pacwa's documentation of origins they have asserted aren't all that important.