PADACPulmonary Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee (US FDA)
PADACProvincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Philippines)
PADACPyridine-2-Azo-4-Dimethylaniline Cephalosporin
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As awardee, South Cotabato will receive a plaque of recognition and PhP50,000 cash prize, which will be deposited to South Cotabato PADAC s bank account.
6 million for the PADAC for capability buidling of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils and operatives, incentives for successful anti-illegal drug operations and others.
Furthermore, while the FDA's PADAC voted 9 to 3 to recommend that the FDA approve pirfenidone to reduce decline in lung function in patients with IPF, because this result is not binding on the FDA and the FDA only considers such recommendation, there can be no assurance that the FDA will ultimately grant such approval upon completion of its review.