PADACPulmonary Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee (US FDA)
PADACProvincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Philippines)
PADACPyridine-2-Azo-4-Dimethylaniline Cephalosporin
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Sanchez emphasized during the recent Kapihan sa Kapitolyo that the move to create the PADAC was to be consistent with the BADAC in the barangays and CADAC/MADAC in the city and municipality level.
Nakita namo na walay consistency, that is why the governor execute another executive order creating PADAC repealing and amending some of the functions of PDAPRB, he said.
With these findings, the PADAC in coordination with the MADAC of Kiangan scheduled a BADAC training on August 15 at the Municipal Gymnasium to sustain this initiative with the end of equipping the BADAC members and the members of other drug abuse councils on the procedures and processes in handling similar cases including the appropriate interventions.
The cellular phones are issued by the provincial government through the PADAC to be distributed to the barangay chairmen to send information regarding illegal drug operations and related matters to police authorities," Alvero said.
The PADAC members committed to cause the immediate arrest and prosecution of all drug pushers by reporting their presence to law enforcement authorities or invoke the power of the citizens arrest.
Board Member Agustin Demaala, who is also the permanent representative of the governor to the PADAC will represent the provincial government at the awarding ceremony.