PADCPennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (Washington, DC)
PADCPoly-Allyl-Diglycol Carbonate
PADCPhilippine Aerospace Development Corporation
PADCPatch Authentication and Dissemination Capability (US DHS)
PADCPower Architecture Developer Conference (computer technology)
PADCPulsatile Arterial Diameter Change (cardiovascular medicine)
PADCPrefetch Aware DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Controller (wireless technology)
PADCPlatform Aft Door Closed
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His other graft charge was for appointing several individuals to various positions in the PADC despite their lack of eligibility and experience.
As a result, the PADC paid them a total of P876,833.
He was also accused of giving advantage to Vision Motor Shop by instructing PADC personnel to course the purchase of replacement parts and the repair or maintenance of PADC vehicles to the company without conducting public bidding first, which is the requirement of RA 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act.
The PADC was created by virtue of Presidential Decree 286, which was signed by former president Ferdinand Marcos on Sept.
So, under the influence of these parties, PADC strongly criticized Musharraf's policy of unconditionally supporting the US in its war against Afghanistan.
Later on, in May 2002, the same PADC gave birth to Muttahidda Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) as an electoral alliance to contest October 2002 Elections in Pakistan.
The exterior of each cell has an engraved marking that corresponds to the thick end of the prism, making it possible to properly orient the PADC with respect to the horizon before you insert the eyepiece or adapter into the telescope's focuser.
To make using the PADC with different eyepieces a much easier task, Adirondack offers a low-profile adapter that has threads for the prism cell on the front and a holder (with a locking thumbscrew) for 1 1/4-inch eyepieces on the back.
However, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has reported that while many agencies have established PADC accounts, actual usage of these accounts is extremely low.
Suba also claimed there was no damage to the government because he reimbursed the full amount to PADC.
Tender notice number : PADC - AMC- Collins and Ray-Ran - 2017 ID:2017_BD_55725_1