PADCOPlanning and Development Collaborative International
PADCOPella Area Development Corporation
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(45) The PADCO report does not even mention Cambodia's historical heritage, which Chapman finds to be particularly surprising given that historic preservation is generally accepted as part of North American urban planning.
(2.) David Dowall, "Technical Report 1: Bangkok Land and Housing Market Study," The Land and Housing Market of Bangkok: Strategies for Public-Sector Participation (PADCO, 1986), 136.
The finance goes to Power Asset Development Company Ltd (PADco), responsible for construction of works carried out as a private finance initiative (PFI) under a 30-year concession awarded by London Underground Ltd.
D.C.: PADCO, Inc., 1012 N Street, NW January, 1993, p.
There is no conceivable way that the operational capacity, international staff, historical memory, resources, or facilities of, for example, Save the Children/US can be replaced except in the long-term by Save the Children/Sweden; the same is true of the replacement of CARE/US by CARE International, and Mercy Corps/US by Mercy Corps/Scotland (Padco, an international development consulting firm has also been allowed to operate, but does not bring the same direct humanitarian capacity of the other expelled organizations represented).
Agency for International Development's Global Development Alliance, the City and County of San Francisco/San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition, the Electronic Drive Transportation Association, and Planning and Development Collaborative International (PADCO).