PADFPan American Development Foundation
PADFPakistan American Democratic Forum (Newark, CA)
PADFPostductal Aortic Diastolic Flow
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Established in 1962 by the Organization of American States, the PADF is a nonprofit organization with a mandate to respond to natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Those strong community ties strengthened by the community-driven development project enabled PADF to be the very first organization on the ground in the aftermath of the quake, delivering emergency relief supplies and starting to clear the rubble off the roads and alleyways.
It is carrying cargo for the PADF, the University of Miami's Project Medishare and America's Relief Team among others.
PADF, by far the largest agroforestry project in the history of Haiti, promoted the planting of almost 48 million seedlings by more than 200,000 peasants between 1981 and 1991 (PADF).
Established in 1962 as an affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS), PADF was created through a unique cooperative agreement between the OAS and private enterprise to provide a specialized nongovernmental organization to assist the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean, in support of the Alliance for Progress initiated by President John F.
Ademas, evidencio que los representantes de los organismos descentralizados del GDF --la PBI, la PADF y el STC-- no tuvieron conocimiento de la compra de los vales ni de que los trabajadores los hayan recibido.
The plan will be carried out through the establishment of a PADF-Taiwan Disaster Assistance and Reconstruction Fund that will enable PADF to work closely with local communities and NGOs to respond when natural disasters strike, to provide rapid support for disaster reconstruction, and to strengthen regional disaster preparedness.
In addition to working with its network of community-based organizations throughout the country, PADF is working with fourteen local disaster response committees that it had previously formed and trained in the Artibonite province.
With funding from the US Mission to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), PADF will teach farmers how to manage and sell more profitable crops, create business plans, apply for government loans and credits and reach more consumers.
Today, more than ever, your voice needs to be heard against this horrible phenomenon that every day destroys the lives of countless underage and young girls and boys, robbing them and us of a better future," said Louis Alexander Senior Programs Director at PADF.