PADFPan American Development Foundation
PADFPakistan American Democratic Forum (Newark, CA)
PADFPostductal Aortic Diastolic Flow
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Those strong community ties strengthened by the community-driven development project enabled PADF to be the very first organization on the ground in the aftermath of the quake, delivering emergency relief supplies and starting to clear the rubble off the roads and alleyways.
It is carrying cargo for the PADF, the University of Miami's Project Medishare and America's Relief Team among others.
Established in 1962 as an affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS), PADF was created through a unique cooperative agreement between the OAS and private enterprise to provide a specialized nongovernmental organization to assist the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean, in support of the Alliance for Progress initiated by President John F.
The plan will be carried out through the establishment of a PADF-Taiwan Disaster Assistance and Reconstruction Fund that will enable PADF to work closely with local communities and NGOs to respond when natural disasters strike, to provide rapid support for disaster reconstruction, and to strengthen regional disaster preparedness.
On November 30, PADF will host a new round of meetings in Mexico's capital in an effort to further increase dialogue between the Mexican government, civil society groups, and private sector partners.
In addition to working with its network of community-based organizations throughout the country, PADF is working with fourteen local disaster response committees that it had previously formed and trained in the Artibonite province.
Since 2009, PADF has been an implementing partner, demonstrating its longstanding support to Colombia, border regions, and other countries, especially Haiti.
With regard to recovery and reconstruction, Coughenour said that PADF has been busy offering "cash for work" programs to unemployed Haitians, clearing rubble and draining ditches to aid communities and jump-start the informal economy.
To help PADF provide immediate assistance to affected communities, go to www.
With the support from Caterpillar, PADF and its local partner, Viva Rios, will remove mud and debris from the most affected alleys and streets, as well as provide basic health care to prevent epidemics through family medicine and mobile health practitioners.
Chevron funded a US$25,000 initiative with PADF and IICA, which included rehabilitation of and technical assistance for a seedling nursery and emergency seed and fertilizer distribution to over 50 farmers and the Sydney Pagon Agricultural High School.