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PADISPan African Development Information System
PADISPoison and Drug Information Service (Canada)
PADISPubblicazioni Aperte Digitali Interateneo Sapienza (Italian open archive repository)
PADISPassenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards
PADISPharmacy Automated Drug Interaction Screening (hospital pharmacy)
PADISPlanning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Support (5 steps from the SDLC Software Development Life Cycle)
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Total quantity or scope: A car trailer type padis payload 800 kg
The pannus itself may further decrease the PADI, resulting in additional injury to the cord.
In summary, the radiographic predictors of paralysis are as follows: a PADI of less than 14 mm, any combination of AAS with cranial settling, a subaxial canal diameter of less than 14 mm, MRI findings of either a cervicomedullary angle of less than 135[degrees], a cord diameter in flexion of less than 6 mm, or a SAC measure of less than 13 mm.