PADMPrivacy Aspects of Data Mining (IEEE conference)
PADMPortable Audio Data Modem
PADMProcess Analysis and Design Methodology (computing)
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While Anakin is off cavorting in lush green fields with Padm, Obi-Wan is on the trail of the bounty hunter who has been hired to take her life.
PADM, a national, physician-owned company that provides physician advisory services, uses the guidelines in a number of applications that involve physician-to-physician intervention.
Carriers can thus use Corrigent's CM-100 PADM as part of a truly converged migration path from today's SONET/SDH networks to the high bandwidth 10Gbps packet infrastructure they need for new packet services and revenue growth.
Under personal threat is beautiful politician Padm who is given the protection of two Jedi knights (a sort of futuristic version of King Arthur's Round Table knights).