PADRPPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet) Active Discovery Request
PADRPersonal Appraisal and Development Review (UK; National Health Service)
PADRPort A Data Register
PADRParticipatory Assessment of Disaster Risk
PADRPreliminary Airworthiness Design Review
PADRPerformance Achievement and Development Review
PADRProduction Accounting and Data Reconciliation
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pADR--A pADR is harm caused from drug use following a medication error, in which case the Preventability Method (P-Method) can be applied to determine the preventable criteria which led to its occurrence.
cereus tsu1 genome including several phaA genes and a gene cluster with six PHA genes: phaR (PHB synthase subunit),phaB (acetoacetyl-coA reductase), phaC (PHB synthase), and a phaJ, the downstream phaP (Phasin protein), and the padR (PhaQ transcription regulator) (see Table S7 in the Supplementary Material).
In addition to the general session of the PADR there were Basic Sciences and Clinical Hands-on Pre-Conference and Post conference workshops.
TREVISO: L Nitoglia; T Iannone (V Bernab 75), E Galon, L Morisi (W de Waal 62), B Williams; K Burton, A Chillon (A Di Bernardo 69); M Rizzo (C Fazzari 62), E Ceccato (D Vidal 48), A Allori (M Muccignat 48); A Pavanello (capt), B Vermaak (S Picone 69); M Vosawai (G Padr 48), F Minto, M Filippucci.
Consequentemente, espera-se, dentro dos padr oes normais do desenvolvimento humano, que apos uma grande magoa seja mais dificil o perdao ser oferecido espontanea e completamente.
Now, five months later, she has learned the devastating truth after an Army padr let slip it was a highly skilled sniper who fired the fatal shot.
Army padr the Reverend Colin Butler told the congregation: "In a practical act when in great danger, Joe showed us the selflessness and courage that distinguishes him.
Para esta variavel observou-se que a grande maioria dos escolares encontra-se abaixo do limiar 90, sendo que apenas duas PAD de 80mmHg ultrapassaram o limiar de 90 (PADr), que era 74 mmHg e 78 mmHg para a idade, genero e estatura segundo criterios de classificacao da SBC (2006).