PADTPPPoE Active Discovery Terminate
PADTPrimary Androgen Deprivation Therapy
PADTPublic Art Development Trust (UK)
PADTPhoenix Analysis & Design Technologies (Tempe, AZ)
PADTProgramming and Debugging Tool (software)
PADTPolice Academy Driver Training (NYPD)
PADTPost-Accident Drug Test
PADTPreliminary Aircraft Design Technology
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Coordinated structures are annotated differently from those in the PADT.
SDT has an annotation scheme which is similar to those of the PDT and PADT.
The PADT has been learned and parsed by various teams at the CoNLL-X shared task on dependency parsing.
The automated production system in the works at PADT relies on links among a parametric solid model, a spreadsheet, and a finite element analysis program.
The idea is to arm design engineers with a set of high- level tools with which they can specify the performance and geometry of a particular air handler," said Eric Miller, who directs CAD and software services at PADT.
Toward this end, PADT has developed test fixtures for optimizing vane, housing, and rotor design.
The ASU Research Park is a superb location for us," said Ward Rand, PADT president.
PADT Medical provides startup device firms with research and development services to help accelerate product design, build clinical use prototypes, perform validation testing and meet regulatory compliance.
Attendees will be able to meet other members of the extended PADT family and tour PADT's facilities and see the labs, hardware and software that the company uses.
Since its inception, PADT has focused on providing world-class engineering consulting as well as sales and support of leading mechanical engineering hardware and software tools from ANSYS, Inc.
PADT is uniquely qualified to sell and support these systems because it has been providing this type of part creation as a service to hundreds of customers in the Southwest for 15 years.
Along with adding the full range of Stratasys products, PADT is also expanding its efforts by adding Colorado and Utah to its sales territory.