PADUPendidikan Anak Dini Usia (Indonesian: Age of Early Childhood Education)
PADUPersatuan Alumni Doktor USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia; Malay: USM Doctor Alumni Association; Kelantan, Malaysia)
PADUProtected Areas Data Unit (environmental conservation; various locations; International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources)
PADUPreferred, Acceptable, Discouraged, Unacceptable (contracting)
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The site administrators of PADU state, "Many of us here have an Eating disorder and are here for the sense of community.
Perfect one day I shall be" (personal homepage linked to PADU, October 2006).
Thank God" (personal homepage linked to PADU, October, 2006).
A guest to the PADU website states: "Wow, this site is so .
In a website posting linked to PADU, one member devotes an entire section of her website to providing tips on "How to look like a model.
She writes, "ana and I have been friends for about a year now and she's helped me so much after having my daughter" (Guestbook, PADU December 2006).