PAEDPolish Agency for Enterprise Development (Ministry of the Economy; Poland)
PAEDProgram Analysis and Evaluation Directorate
PAEDPeninsula Alliance for Economic Development
PAEDProject Approval and Environmental Document (State of California Department of Transportation)
PAEDProgram Analysis and Evaluation Division (US Army)
PAEDPlans Analysis and Evaluation Division
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To streamline the process, eliminate duplicative data, and reduce the effort necessary to generate the POM, the Deputy Chief of Staff G8's PAED embarked on a Master Data Management (MDM) initiative.
Weigel, outgoing president and CEO of the PAED, say other advantages include greater opportunity to tout such common and shared assets as the ports, colleges, research facilities and major employers; greater attention from the state in lead referrals; elimination of intra-regional competition; and the ability to present business prospects with statistics that are more-impressive because they reflect the true picture of the region and the actual boundaries of the metropolitan statistical area defined by the U.
2000 on the creation of PAED (ie the 2007 Journal of Laws No.