PAEEPhysical Activity Energy Expenditure
PAEEPennsylvania Alliance for Environmental Education
PAEEPay and Employment Equity (New Zealand)
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"There were significant sex-group interactions for TDEE, PAEE, and PAEE/TEE," said Dr.
MAX_ERR AVE_ERR RMSPE RMSE PAEE IDW 19.6973 6.3338 7.9729 0.5122 2.0172 Spline 21.2641 4.2668 5.583 0.2512 0.9893 Kriging 12.7859 3.6714 4.5996 0.1705 0.6714 [[gamma].sub.itm] 12.6277 3.6488 4.5090 0.1638 0.6452 [[gamma].sub.itmf] 12.5643 3.5610 4.4359 0.1586 0.6244 TABLE 4: Estimation result of level values for 99.8 Mhz (1/4 training data).
Dessa forma, o professor pode e deve inserir em suas atividades diversos recursos pedagogicos de CSA com a finalidade de aprimorar qualitativamente o processo de ensino-aprendizagem, oportunizando ao aluno PAEE a participacao concreta na escolarizacao.
Entretanto: "...quando ela foi indicada, quando eu coloquei ela no prezinho, quando ela nao estava se enturmando la, estava dando problemas, eles indicaram para mim levar no Programa de Apoio a Educacao Especial (PAEE)...
Researchers assessed the association between physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE), sleep duration and incidence of overall, breast, and colon cancer in 5,968 women at least 18 years old with no previous cancer diagnoses.
Dr McClain's team assessed physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) on the incidence of cancer in the women and their likelihood of developing breast or colon cancers.
The physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE: kcal/day) was defined as average daily energy expenditure due to physical activity and objectively measured by a tri-axial accelerometer device (Active Style Pro HJA-350IT; Omron Healthcare, Kyoto, Japan) (Ohkawara et al., 2011).
A summary of some of the main changes labour has overseen include four weeks' annual leave; paid parental leave and the subsequent extension of that scheme; lifting the minimum wage to $12 an hour; ensuring workers required to work on a public holiday are fairly compensated for that day; increasing protections for vulnerable workers when a business is sold or transferred; strengthening workplace health and safety Legislation; establishing the Pay and Employment Equity (PaEE) taskforce implementing a five-year plan to address the gender pay gap in parts of the public health, education, and public service sectors; and flexible working hours legislation.
(2005) Comparison of PAEE from combined and separate heart rate and movement models in children.
There is a yawning gender pay gap in the public health sector, according to the results of pay and employment equity (PaEE) reviews carded out in district health boards (DHBs) last year.
Pay and Employment Equity (PaEE) reviews, involving NZNO delegates, are underway in five district health boards (DHBs): Auckland, Taranaki, Hurt Valley, MidCentral and Otago.