PAEMPulmonary Artery Endothelial Monolayers
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Hie daer pa winnende waeron od hie pa burg abraecon, & aefter paem wid pa londleode on aelce healfe unablinnendlice winnende waeron, od hie daerymbutan haefdon monega byrig begietena.
Be paem mon mehte ongietan hwaet daer ofslagen waes, pa heora fela dusenda gefongen waes.
The theme of the meaning and value of treasure, which is more profoundly developed in Beowulf, is faintly sounded here: in the south of Egypt, we are told, paem burgum ...
His intention is to relate novelties such as paem unarimdum cynnum naedrena * & monna * & wilddeora, "countless varieties of serpents, and men, and wild beasts" (1).
4) quia errant uexati (Mt 9.36) fordon weron geberede (Li) paem pe hie weron gewaelde (Ru1) forpan hig waerun gedrehte (WSCp) for pam de hig waeron gedrehte (WSA) 'because they were afflicted' Though the verb in the past participle differ in each dialect, the Latin order is not violated (although we cannot say that the versions intentionally kept it), even in a subordinate clause.
pone hnoll da heafodpannan mid paem loccum ond eagan gigran, chephalem cure iaris, et conas, ondwleotan tungan ted da naespyrlu patham, liganam, sennas atque michinas, swiran hryncg sidan lendenu cladum, crassum, madianum, talias dyoh mecgernu ond da twa honda bathma, exugiam, adque binas idumas.
9) Hu ne meaht pu gesion paet aelc wyrt & aelc wudu wile weaxan on paem lande selest be him betst gerist ...
8) Da cirdon hie up in on oa ea, for paem hie ne dorston forp bi paere ea siglan for unfripe.
67) Ne pearf nan mon on oys andweardan life spyrian aefter paem sooum gesaeloum, ne paes wenan oaet he aer maege good genog findan.
paet fram ham gefraegn Higelaces pegn god mid Geatum, Grendles daeda, se waes moncynnes maegnes strengest on paem daege pysses lifes aepele ond eacen.
85: paet weard eac Romanum an yfelum tacne opiewed aer paem gefeohte, where it is left unsaid who or what bestows the sign.