PAFEPost-Antifungal Effect
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The free energy values (PAFE and ETFE, Table 9S) for these reactions are also positive, meaning that the reactions are nonspontaneous in standard conditions.
The explanation for this behavior is that possibly, analysts have not considered the impact of the crisis in the Brazilian market, which creates excessive optimism and consequently greater PAFE forecast errors.
All formulations of AMB display a concentration-dependent effect with prolonged PAFE, and the driving PK/PD index is thef[C.sub.max]/MIC.
The thermodynamic energies (proton affinity (PA) and proton affinity fee energy (PAFE)) relative to the deprotonation of each optimized complex are determined as follows:
IBOV indice Bovespa LAST Preco de fechamento medio MES Fator mes de contraste NUMB Numero de recomendacoes de compra NUMH Numero de recomendacoes de retencao NUMS Numero de recomendacoes de venda OURO Cotacao do ouro em mercado local PAFE Erro absoluto da previsao do consenso de precos PFE Erro da previsao do consenso de precos RECC Consenso de recomendacoes RECT Numero total de recomendacoes (cobertura) REV Variacao percentual do consenso previsto REVGRADE Dummy, variacoes negativas das revisoes 1 e positivas 0.
Total weight was the best predictor of annual fecundity (PAFE=1,053,504.23x1.0 [0.sup.TW]; [r.sup.2] = 0.764, P<0.01, n=28); followed by total length (PAFE = 63,648 x 4351 x [1380.sup.TL]; [r.sup.2]= 0.752, P<0.01, n=28); and gutted weight (PAFE=1,055,580 x [1.00.sup.GW]; [r.sup.2]=0.723, P<0.01, n=28) (Fig.
When the novel word "Pafe" was dictated on the first probe trial (Test 1), all participants selected the undefined picture U1, thus relating the two novel stimuli (i.e., novelty/N3C principle).
In aqueous solution, the PA and PAFE values are found to decrease due to the low values of the enthalpy and free energy of proton in water.
An interesting recent evidence based research being translated into public health practice and integrated into universal health System is Physical Activity, Sports, and Health Plan initiative (PAFES) implemented in Catalan; (Spain; 2005-2015).
We will now focus on the details behind the Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System (Pafes) so its essential components can be replicated throughout the nation.