PAFIProject Analysis, Finance and Investment (master's degree in science; University of York; UK)
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Having already been involved as a Charter Member with PAFI, John Rotche, CFE, president and partner of TITLE Boxing Club, sought to expand the partnership, to educate and heighten the relationship between the franchise community and the professional athlete community.
When the PAFI opportunity arose, Rotche realized it was the perfect blend between the athlete-focused and franchise mentorship programs he had previously formed.
Funding PAFI at the requested level keeps us on track for a managed, sustainable, and safe transition to a high-octane unleaded replacement for 100 low lead.
PAFI fulfills its mission by partnering with stakeholders in the professional sports and franchise communities to build education-based programming for professional athletes interested in learning about business-format franchising, as well as franchisors and suppliers interested in discovering ways to open doors to this niche audience.
2, 2013 as PAFI celebrated three years of successful growth and development.
The goal of PAFI is to educate and enhance the ability of its membership by providing a centralized platform for athletes seeking to get involved in the franchise industry and for franchisors interested in getting involved with the professional athlete community.
Professional athletes are becoming more conscious about the longevity of their careers and realizing more effort should be placed into planning for a professional life beyond sports," said PAFI Founder and Executive Director Michael Stone.
Through the partnership, IFA and PAFI will develop an Athlete Franchisee Education Program.
Utilizing a coaching-style approach, IFA and PAFI will educate both franchisots and athletes about the unique attributes of franchising and demonstrate how franchising allows athletes to take the court or field with a new playbook to own their own business, once their playing days are over," said Stan Friedman, CFE, senior vice president, FranConnect, and chair of the PAFI advisory board.
This year's PAFI Franchise Summit opened with a reception hosted by IFA and Dunkin' Donuts.
IFA's Diversity Institute Board has taken the lead in working with PAFI to develop a plan of action for successful education and recruitment of professional athletes into franchising.
The timeliness and relevance of PAFI couldn't be more appropriate for athletes as they are certain to be thinking about what's coming next for them with the threat of work stoppages a reality for NFL and NBA players.