PAFMECSAPan-African Freedom Movement of East, Central and South Africa
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The victory had larger implications in the entire region of southern Africa; the ANC of South Africa leaflet Spearhead reminded the victorious leaders about their responsibility as PAFMECSA member to "concentrated all their efforts on assisting the struggle" in other places.
The two PAFMECSA campaigns, the boycott South Africa and the assistance to Northern Rhodesian independence movements, provides us with example of the organization's key contributions to independence struggle in southern Africa.
The other PAFMECSA leader from Kenya, Tom Mboya, was also vocal in pushing for East African Federation.
The Committee subsequently replaced PAFMECSA. Nyerere continued to push for Federation.
Nkrumah was opposed to the idea and saw it as "Balkanization of Africa." As far back as the beginning of 1962, Ghana made it clear that it did not support the idea of East African Federation and PAFMECSA.
After the PAFMECSA conference in Ethiopia in 1962, John K.
The formation of Organization of African Unity in 1963 and its African Liberation Committee made PAFMECSA redundant.
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