PAFOPull a Fast One (trick)
PAFOPissed and Fell Over (medical slang for drunks in ERs)
PAFOPennsylvania Foundations Online (resource)
PAFOProtecting Australian Families Online (Australia)
PAFOPublic Affairs Officer
PAFOPlastic Ankle-Foot Orthosis (medical support device)
PAFOPlay and Find Out (gaming)
PAFOParenting Forum (Craigslist)
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Oliveira JC, Baldissera V, Simoes HG, Aguiar AP, Azevedo, PHSM, Poian PAFO, Perez SEA.
The Pan-African Farmers' Organisation, PAFO, is on FARA's board, and Akinbamijo believes in bringing science out of its "ivory tower" and ensuring that policymakers, scientists and farmers mix to share ideas.
Although Josee Touchette, the assistant deputy minister of public affairs, stated in a letter in the Toronto Sun that "there has been no change in policy," one PAFO recently turned down an interview request to Esprit de Corps with an off-hand reference to the "Brewster story.