PAFPPennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (Harrisburg, PA)
PAFPPhilippine Academy of Family Physicians (Makati City, Philippines)
PAFPPosterior Atrial Fat Pad
PAFPPre-Achilles Fat Pad (radiology)
PAFPPlatelet Aggregate Filtration Pressure (cardiology)
PAFPPhotochemical Aerosol Forming Potential
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As estimativas de repetibilidade, obtidas simultaneamente aos coeficientes de determinacao genetica, apresentaram magnitudes de 42,35%, 59,23% e 46,58% para NF, PAFF e PAFP, respectivamente (Tabela 1).
Considerando que o carater principal e PAFP, o qual congrega NF e PAFF, a selecao foi realizada para esse carater, com base na produtividade simultanea em todas as safras.
Essa selecao propiciara um ganho genetico de 9,95% no carater PAFP.
Vladislav Verkhusha, associate professor of anatomy and structural biology at Einstein, says that PAFPs and FPs help noninvasively visualize the structures and processes in living cells at the molecular level.
While earlier technique could capture images only in non-living cells, the addition of PAFPs, more versatile versions of FPs, made it possible to do real-time SR fluorescence microscopy in living cells.
Verkhusha is said to have developed a variety of PAFPs and FPs for use in imaging mammalian cells, expanding the applications of fluorescence microscopy.
The collection includes PAFPs that can be turned on and off with a pulse of light, FPs that can fluoresce in different colors, and FPs that have better resolution for deep-tissue imaging.
Aftab Iqbal Sheikh President of PAFP in his poetic address in Urdu said that their members had never taken part in any protest or strike but serve the ailing humanity with devotion and dedication.
The scientific programme consisted of pre conference workshops, various memorial sessions and two presentations on Aspirin were also organized by Pakistan Aspirin Foundation on Medical Uses of Aspirin in collaboration with PAFP.