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PAFRPopular Annual Financial Report(s)
PAFRPlatelet-Activating Factor Receptor
PAFRPortland Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve (Australia)
PAFRPatient Accepts Financial Responsibility (form)
PAFRPeak Atrial Filling Rate
PAFRPantai Aheh Forest Reserve (Malaysia)
PAFRProgramme des Aides Familiales en Résidence
PAFRPulmonary Artery Flow Rate
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This approach can reduce the wordiness of a PAFR while communicating the data in a more accessible manner.
To better understand CAFR and PAFR readability, the authors selected reports from a few sample municipalities and ran random paragraphs through text analysis using the online program Readable.
Again, document size may impact the results, as Illinois represented the longest PAFR at 294 pages.
First, the Illinois PAFR is unique as it was the only document to use the GASB performance reporting format to structure its PAFR.
Assim, o presente estudo objetivou determinar a prevalencia da prontidao para a PAFR em atletas da LUVE/UFV e a diferenca dessa prontidao entre os generos e entre as modalidades.
Dos 172 avaliados, 64 apresentaram falta de prontidao para PAFR, representando um valor relativo de 37,20% da amostra.
When the County of San Diego issued its first PAFR in 2008, it had to determine what to put in the book, how to organize the data, and what design options to use.
The nearly week-long visit by the delegation, the first of its kind by PAFR, has been a successful one, he said, noting that members of the delegation and FAO personnel took an impressive leap in laying a solid technical foundation for the work of FAO's new office in Kuwait.
Many governments do not produce a PAFR, or their efforts are run of the mill.
In response to these suggestions, the PAFR task force did not solicit submissions to the program in 1994 to allow it time to reevaluate and ultimately revise the program.
The task force did feel that more trend data should have been presented in the PAFR to round out the background discussed in the narrative.
Haider said in his speech during the workshop organized by PAFR and with cooperation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), on reducing the negative impact of by-catch fishing .