PAFSCPrimary Air Force Specialty Code
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Methods: In this study, Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSCs), Periapical Follicle Stem Cells (PAFSCs) and Human Foreskzin Fibroblast (HFF) cell lines were expanded for 20 passages.
In this study, 2 types of derived dental stern cells, DPSCs and PAFSCs were passaged 21 times and after each passage 3 to passage 21, mtDNA deletion was investigated.
In our previous work on PAFSCs, DPSCs and HFF, high proliferative ability of these cell lines was *shown by the expression of some embryonic/germ immonohistochemical or gene markers which indicate that their self renewal capacities may increase without occurrence of aging markers (14), (15).