PAFTParents as First Teachers (UK)
PAFTPolicy Appraisal and Fair Treatment (UK)
PAFTPhilippine Association of Food Technologists
PAFTProgram for Alternative Fluorocarbon Toxicology Testing
PAFTPropafenone Atrial Fibrillation Trial (cardiology study)
PAFTPolicy and Fair Treatment (Northern Ireland, UK)
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Preliminary evidence from the survey of families exiting the program indicates that the success of PAFT for families lies in the following key aspects: (1) the parent educator must have rapport with the family; (2) the program was home-based, which parents preferred; (3) the curricula used, providing current information and encouraging parents with knowledge to be their child's first educator; (4) the strengths-based philosophy; (5) the holistic approach, working with parents/caregivers, children, and other family members; (6) support of family and cultural diversity in beliefs, values, and practices; and (7) providing links with the community through information and referrals to various services.
PAFT reports that after the first year of testing no other adverse consequences from HCFC-123 have been discovered; however, the group says it will continue its extensive research on the refrigerant, to include a 2-generation reproduction study and a series of metabolism studies, all of which are scheduled to be completed by next year.
The other is PAFT (Project for Alternative Fluorocarbon Toxicity), which studies both acute and chronic effects.