PAGBProprietary Association of Great Britain
PAGBPhotographic Alliance of Great Britain
PAGBPost-Asymptotic Giant Branch (stars; astronomy)
PAGBPakistan Association of Greater Boston (Massachusetts)
PAGBGalbraith Lake, AK, USA (ICAO station ID)
PAGBPennsylvania Game Breeders Association
PAGBPortland Association of General Baptists
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PAGB chief John Smith said: "With the cold and flu season now upon us, it is crucial people have a better understanding of when they should visit their GP, and when treatment from a local pharmacist would be more appropriate.
I am delighted that Peter has been willing to take on the role of PAGB president and I look forward to working with him to deliver the programmes that will help stimulate the development of the OTC market in the UK, said PAGB s chief executive Sheila Kelly.
Existing treatments do work,' says Fraser Woodward, a PAGB spokesman.
The PAGB is made up of 15 regional federations which include over 1000 UK camera clubs.
Sheila Kelly, chief executive of the PAGB, the trade association representing manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines and food supplements, added, 'This is a huge landmark for people who want to take responsibility for their own health and a key advancement for wider public health education, especially for chronic conditions or diseases.
Hollis's finance director wrote 'approved' on the invoice which also carried a further note saying paid by PAGB recharge H industries - PAGB being Pergamon, another Maxwell company and H industries being Hollis.
Sheila Kelly, executive director of the PAGB, says: `OTC medicines are completely safe when used properly.
The PAGB - the trade association of non-prescription medicine manufacturers - has launched a campaign to encourage people to clear out old drugs.