PAGDPennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry
PAGDPulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge
PAGDPeriodic Alternating Gaze Deviation (neurology)
PAGDPatients Affected by Graves' Disease
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Children are so computer savvy that we knew creating a Web-based vehicle would be an excellent way to reach them with fun information about their dental care," said John Kokai, DDS, vice president for PAGD, who championed the project.
Through KidzGrinz, PAGD is delighted to be helping anyone, anywhere, learn useful and valuable information in an enjoyable, easy-to-access way.
To help people receive the dental care they need to stay healthy, PAGD members recommended modifying the current Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry (SBOD) laws to help dentists work more efficiently, redefine the benefits that Medicaid recipients receive and possibly redefine the guidelines as to who receives Medicaid dental benefits.