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PAGERPrompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response (USGS)
PAGERPensioners Action Group East Riding (UK)
PAGERPartial-Partition Avoiding Geographic Routing
PAGERPolicy Action Group on Emergency Response (Canada)
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Subscribers' pagers will beep and cell phones will ring whenever air quality or allergen levels reach hazardous levels, with information from the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
look inside the world of cell phones and pagers and catch a glimpse of the wireless future
The BR850 pager will save messages when the pager is turned off or the battery is being changed.
The next step will be the ability to send messages from a pager as well as receive - this has already been introduced in the States.
Additionally, when an officer seizes a pager and retrieves the information within, most courts have concluded the officer did not acquire the contents of the communication by "electronic, mechanical or other device" as prescribed by the definition of intercept.
Increasingly, more folks are using pagers to streamline communications - 79% of them business people.
For example, he said the alpha/numeric pager has been available to business people in southern Ontario for several years, however it was only introduced in North Bay last month, in Timmins approximately four months ago and in Sudbury about two years ago.
Market shares of pager and mobile phone handset brands Ownership, network and other data for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Shenyang.
Detailed Motorola interviews with young pager users revealed that robust "sub-niches" make up this booming market, creating a strong demand for more than just one type of numeric pager.
The pager function can also be turned off completely.
We are also impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge of their staff," said Dale Schmick, CEO of The Pager & Phone Company.
Motorola's two-way and word message pagers are intended for sophisticated pager users who will appreciate these new distinctive carrying cases," said Bruce Williamson, Worldwide Accessories Product Marketing Manager, Motorola.