PAGNPan Asia Gaming Network
PAGNPhiladelphia Anti-Graffiti Network (est. 1984; Philadelphia, PA)
PAGNPacNet Asian Gaming Network
PAGNPacific Asian Gaming Network
PAGNProject Appraisal Guidance Note (UK)
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Pagn. I am pleased to have been part of the success of the organization, and believe that, with the FDA approval of and commercial launch of NUZYRA, this is a natural transition point for me.
Tenders are invited for exploitation and use of seasonal services for the celebration of the night market of the pagn, located in the maritime terrestrial public domain area of san pedro del pinatar, declared deserts in the previous tender.
Therapeutic PAA levels appeared to result in considerable ammonia excretion in urine as phenylacetylglutamine (PAGN), the end product by which PAA clears the neurotoxin ammonia, even in patients with non-oliguric renal failure