PAGVPartnership Against Gun Violence
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Aunque en este trabajo se llego a la conclusion que los tratamientos con CI tienen un rendimiento muy alto en PAGV (Tabla IV), no se puede afirmar que el sistema ruminal tenga concentraciones altas de estos compuestos, pues no se midieron experimentalmente.
In a study of accountability across the non-profit sector in Canada, similar concerns are expressed about the capacity of boards "who often have limited time to devote to the task, are poorly informed about the nature of their responsibilities in the first place, or do not have access to the right tools to improve their own performance" (PAGVS 1999: 22).
PAGVS (Panel on Accountability and Governance in the Voluntary Sector).
Like PAGVS, the Joint Tables made extensive recommendations, calling for changes within the sector to enhance good government practices and changes to the regulatory and political framework governing interactions between the two sectors .Z6 Both recommended further discussion and dialogue between representatives from the two sectors on the implementation of the recommendations.