PAHBPueblo Association of Home Builders (Colorado)
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The non-adjusted acGAP is the difference between the paired SpHb and aHb, while the adjusted acGAP is the difference between the paired paHb and aHb.
Overall percentage of outliers was significantly lower when the paHb values are used instead of SpHb in T2-6 and EQ points separately (Table I and II).
Similarly, the Bland-Altman plot was used to demonstrate an agreement between the 394 paired SpHb and paHb values (Fig.
A case in point is the article by a member of the PAHB bearing the explicit title 'Agama adalah soal kepertjajaan, bukan soal pengakuan' (Religion is a matter of faith, not a question of recognition) (Sutrisna 1954).
Even though nothing much came out of these debates, the PAHB continued to actively promote religious reforms.
And some members of the PAHB later became associated with the Lembaga Kebudajaan Rakjat (Lekra), the cultural organization affiliated with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).
Here is how a member of the PAHB described the opposition between the two organizations and their respective names for the Balinese religion: 'In Bali, there are two views regarding religion.