PAHFPan American Hockey Federation
PAHFPan American Historical Foundation (Pan American World Airways)
PAHFPhenotypically Altered Hepatic Foci (carcinogenesis)
PAHFPeterborough Affordable Housing Foundation (Canada)
PAHFPan African Health Foundation (various locations)
PAHFPeace Arch Hospital Foundation (Canada)
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2a that both RPAHF and PAH samples show a similar characteristic broad absorption band of the amino group (--N[H.sub.2]) around at 3120 and 3300 [cm.sup.-1], a more significant absorption peak of -NH-N[H.sub.2] around at 1431 [cm.sup.-1], which further prove that RPAHF sample(regeneration from PAHF to PAH) recovers to its original structural features.
The 1H-NMR spectra of the PAHF. [Color figure can be viewed at]