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PAHIPappas Amadeus Horse Indoors (horse festival; Austria)
PAHIPorter Aviation Holdings Inc. (est. 1999; Canada)
PAHIPreliminary Assessment of Health Impacts
PAHIPan American Hypertension Initiative
PAHIPhysical Activity and Health Initiative
PAHIPan-America Hyperbarics, Inc. (various locations)
PAHIPreliminary Assessment of Health Impacts (study done for the Alternative Technologies and Approaches Project)
PAHIPlatform Aft High
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PAHI are looking to crowdfunding to raise money to help with further development as well as money for PR to help get the message about this incredible spray out there.
Pahi was wanted to the police specially in the recent incident of cash snatching which occurred in the limits of Cantt, Qasimabad, City, GOR and Bhitai Nagar police stations, besides other crimes.
(6) See Angela Ballara, 'Te Pahi?--1810', Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 16 December 2003.
Commanding the western and southern approaches to Te Puna are the terraced earthworks of the pa of Te Pahi Island (P05/2), drawn in 1899 looking from the east towards the west, or head, of the Bay of Islands (Fig.
Umair Ahmed (1*), Waheed Ali Umrani (2), Munwar Hussain Pahi (1), Syed Mir Muhammad Shah (2)
Among these, the mechanisms of co-financing of primary healthcare according to redistributive criteria, in place since 2008, and the Program to Support Hospitals in the Interior (PAHI), put in place as from 2010, were important.
A historicogeographical study on the relation between rTsan yul and Yan lag gsum pahi ru.
(18) The people of Yemereba speak Beli, a language of the Maimai stock of Torricelli languages, whereas the people of Wosapom speak Pahi; Klaplei III is a Mehek-speaking village.
(52) X.115.9 iti tvagne vrstihavyasya putra / upastutasa rsayo (a)vocan // tams ca pahi grnatas ca surin / vasad vasal ity urdhvaso anaksan / namo nama ity urdhvaso anaksan "Thus, O Agni, have the sons of Vrstihavya, the Upastuta's, (and) the rishis spoken to thee.
Tenders are invited for Lying interloking tiles adjoining virios street of lakhe wali pahi in ward no 11
Tonight's savoury menu includes aubergine pahi, coconut sambal, pineapple and plantain curry, spinach and coconut dhal and potato and cabbage thoran.
nah pahy amhasah ...) is continued in verse 15 with "protect us, O Agni, from the Raksas" (pahi no agne raksasah ...), which, according to the Sarvanukramani, resumes the address to Agni.