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PAHIPan American Hypertension Initiative
PAHIPan-America Hyperbarics, Inc. (various locations)
PAHIPreliminary Assessment of Health Impacts (study done for the Alternative Technologies and Approaches Project)
PAHIPlatform Aft High
PAHIPreliminary Assessment of Health Impacts
PAHIPhysical Activity and Health Initiative
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nz/ 'Te Pahi was, by 1800, one of the senior chiefs of the north-western Bay of Islands.
In these Proes or Pahee's [ie Malay perahu or Tahitian pahi = sailing vessel] as they call them from all accounts we can learn, these people sail in those seas from Island to Island for several hundred Leagues, the Sun serving them for a compass by day and the Moon and Stars by night.
In the absence of archaeological remains, the design was based on Cook's artist's drawings of a Tongan tongiaka and Tahitian pahi, to produce a common denominator design to represent a basic voyaging canoe of earlier centuries.
PAHI had entered into an agreement to acquire PageActive on June 8, 1999.
4 sa hi tvam with Wackernagel's Law clitic) is perhaps influenced by the earlier verse 11a agne ni pahi nas t(u)vdm "O Agni, protect us"; compare also RV 1.
The same, it may be added, is shown by such cases as nrmh pahi :: nrn pahi.
See Stratos Pahis, Table Accompanying Corruption in Our