PAHWPreventieassistenten voor de Handelswijken (Brussels)
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Separately, the PAHW reported signing a contract with a local company to establish utility facilities and public buildings as well as demarcating separation lines of plots at the site of Abu Hlaifa residential project.
PAHW said the construction of several residential cities has also been approved which bodes well for the real estate sector moving forward.
Responding, Minister Al-Athaina said the housing issue and the related reports and plans of PAHW cannot be discussed in detail in an interpellation; they need a special parliament session.
A group of applicants for housing units, known as "waiting a home," has recently staged a set-in protest in front of PAHW headquarters.
Refuting Al-Atheina's statement that PAHW has only 38,000 units at present, he said the Authority has 168,400 units distributed as follows; 52,000 in north Mutl, 22,000 in Mutl outskirts, 52,000 in Sabiya, 35,000 in Khairan and 7,400 in west Abdullah Al-Mubarak area.
Al-Adsani wondered why the parliament should not summon resigning director general of PAHW to ask him about the reasons behind his resignation.
Al-Khaled expressed optimism in the current Council's members especially that most of them are of young age who aspire to transform Kuwait into a financial and commercial center in the region, as well as their contribution to resolving the issue of housing by allocating more lands for PAHW.