PAHWPreventieassistenten voor de Handelswijken (Brussels)
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The contract will also provide specialised consultancy services and support for hiring two consultants specialised in media, marketing and communications and in IT, along with a strategy and workplan for the investment sector and projects PAHW projects with the private sector.
The project depends upon the directions of His Highness the Amir of diversifying power sources in the country by the year 2030 with the use of 15 percent of renewable energy of the total electric production, and Law No 27 (1995) that enables the private sector to build on empty state lands for housing purposes, said Bader Al-Wugayyan, PAHWs Director-General.
Under this deal, the company is to organize a training course for PAHWs employees, in cooperation with international bodies mainly specialising in technology production.
He added, "For the first time PAHW entrusted the management of the project to a globally-renowned construction consulting service provider; this is the Philadelphia-based Hill International.
In the meantime, PAHW Director General Bader Al-Woqyan said that the project costs up to KD 288 million (some USD 952.
It noted that the PAHW distributed around 25,000 plots since the fourth quarter of 2014 to date, adding significant supply to the market.
NTEC is to carry out operations, maintenance, readings, and studies of the project, and submit a report to PAHW, at end of the operating period, that include results of the project's power consumption rate, Al-Wugayyan said.
Elaborating on the deal, the PAHW Director General added that it also includes work to build three mosques, a fire station, a police station, fitness center and other services.
The contract is part of the PAHW's blueprint purposed to improve the real estate product by means of investing unused lands, the PAHW said in a press statement.
Abul took the chance to thank the National Assembly for coming out with legislations that enabled PAHW to work more smoothly in addressing the citizens' needs for housing, affirming that the government will stick to the plan to provide some 120,000 housing units for citizens annually for the decade ahead.
PAHW awarded the KD 288 million South Mutlaa City Major Infrastructure Works Package Contract 1 to a joint venture between Italy's Salini and Turkey's Kolin.
The contract involves ensuring the completion on the project on the specified date, evaluating contractors and consultants and training Kuwaiti employees at PAHW on running projects and contracts.