PAI-Iplasminogen activator inhibitor type I
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The baseline plasma PAI-I levels and PAI-I/t-PA ratios were higher in hypertensive patients than in the normotensive control group patients (p<0.
Treatment with HCT caused an increase in PAI-I (p<0.
Treatment with HCT-amyloride caused an increase in PAI-I (p<0.
In patients treated with HCT-spironolactone, PAI-I increase rate was lower than those treated with HCT and HCT-amyloride (p<0.
Our findings were compatible with previous studies and our results showed that patients with high blood pressure were hypofibrinolytic (compared to normotensives, PAI-I levels were significantly increased in hypertensives).
Many in vivo and in vitro studies have shown that Ang II has stimulatory effect on PAI-I expression (22,23).
This effect manifests itself as an increase in t-PA, decrease or no change in PAI-I and as a decrease in PAI-I/t-PA ratio.