PAICPunjab Agro Industries Corporation (India)
PAICPatrol Agent in Charge (US Border Patrol)
PAICProtree Alternative Information Center (website)
PAICProgram Acquisition and International Contracting (US DoD)
PAICProfessional Association of Intuitive Consultants
PAICProvincial Agri-Industrial Center (Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines)
PAICPrimary Antenna Interface Controller (AN/FSC-78B SATCOM terminal)
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At the conclusion of the experiment (i.e., ten days after Phase 1), all the students and teachers were surveyed a third time regarding their perceptions of the student' self-concepts on either the PAIC or the NPAIC.
During the national intervention, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Vienna, Ambassador Alejandro Solano reiterated that "if the States seek their security, not in the proven collective value of diplomacy and dialogue, but in the development of new weapons, in the blockade of multilateralism and the non-recognition of existing agreements, efforts such as the PAIC and that of the last decades in disarmament and non-proliferation are in increasing danger".
El PAIC ha garantizado un paulatino levantamiento de sanciones economicas, a cambio de que Iran suspendiera partes de sus actividades nucleares, y mantenga otras dentro de los limites acordados en este acuerdo firmado en el 2015.
Ademas, hay que tener presente, que el Acuerdo se hara efectivo 90 dias despues, del Dia de la Adopcion, es decir el 20 de octubre de 2015, y terminara, siempre que las disposiciones de las resoluciones anteriores del Consejo de Seguridad no se hayan reestablecido, 10 anos despues segun preven el articulo 8 de la Resolucion 2231 y el parrafo 34-5 del PAIC. Y pasados estos diez anos Iran, como cualquier otro Estado parte del TNP, podra enriquecer uranio y poner otra vez en uso las plantas de Arak, Fordow, Natanz o Parchin, siempre que sea para usos pacificos, claro esta.
En las variables porcentaje de grasa y proteina el modelo de Wood presento el PAIC, PBIC y P[R.sup.2] mas altos.
Milisav Paic, of the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry, accused the BBC of demonising Serbs for playing the tape on Radio 4.
Former deputy Yugoslav Ambassador to London, Mr Milisav Paic, dismissed claims that the civilians could have been killed while they were being used as human shields.
Milasav Paic, a senior diplomat at the Yugoslav embassy in London, suggested blame for the atrocity could lie with Albanian separatists.
In the framework of the extraordinary meeting convened today by the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to address the Iranian nuclear program and the situation of the Plan of Action Integral Conjunto (PAIC), the Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, Ambassador Alejandro Solano, reiterated that for Costa Rica, the PAIC constituted and was the best possible means to guarantee the exclusively peaceful nature of the nuclear program in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
When Governor Ferdinand Waititu had a comically rough time at the Senate PAIC session, the DP was at hand to offer a shoulder to lean on.
In 1991, the National Islamic Front (NIF) led by Hassan Abdalla al-Turabi founded the Popular Arab and Islamic Congress (PAIC), an annual event that grouped together militant Islamist leaders from around the world, as referred to in the foregoing paragraph.
It's important that you keep moving despite the paic pain because sciatica isn't helped by bed rest.