PAICPunjab Agro Industries Corporation (India)
PAICPatrol Agent in Charge (US Border Patrol)
PAICProtree Alternative Information Center (website)
PAICProgram Acquisition and International Contracting (US DoD)
PAICProfessional Association of Intuitive Consultants
PAICProvincial Agri-Industrial Center (Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines)
PAICPrimary Antenna Interface Controller (AN/FSC-78B SATCOM terminal)
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Iran critico fuertemente las nuevas decisiones de Trump acusandolo de intentar socavar el PAIC, advirtio que no cumpliria con ninguna otra demanda mas alla de las ya acordadas, aclaro que no permitira que se establezca ninguna conexion entre este acuerdo y otros temas, y fue tajante al aseverar que "no aceptara ningun cambio ni ahora ni en el futuro".
AB Grain Spirits, the report says, in March 2010 offered the shares to PAIC at the rate of ` 5.
PAIC slept on the offer and did not buy the shares.
En conclusion, el modelo que mejor ajusta las curvas de lactancia en bovinos Holstein de las regiones de Antioquia, Altiplano Cundiboyasense, Valle del Cauca, Cauca y Narino en produccion de leche es el de Wood, ya que presento los mayores valores de PAIC y PBIC y valores altos de [R.
During the PAIC congress held in Sudan this past spring, U.
Five days after Phase I, the students and teachers were surveyed regarding their perceptions of the students's self-concepts on either the PAIC (for grades 3-5) or the NPAIC (for grades 1-2).
The ratings of PAIC recognize its consistently favorable operating performance, the accumulation of which has resulted in strong risk-based capital.
Por otra parte, el programa de desarrollo de misiles, nunca fue parte de la negociacion nuclear, asi que su continuidad no equivale a ninguna violacion del espiritu del PAIC.
Para la produccion de leche el modelo de Wilmink presento el PAIC y PBIC mas alto, sin embargo presento el P[R.
A reliable, scalable and high-performance IT infrastructure is fundamental to the success of PAIC in China's dynamic and highly competitive finance and insurance industry.
Sensor signals are received and processed by the PAIC and I/O chips," explained Rollie Fisher, Visteon Powertrain Control Systems technical specialist and one of the 1998 Henry Ford Technology Award recipients.
It is additional also stated that there is requirement to old age economic security therefore PSFC and PAIC along with UCO bank decided to sign up MOU and assist the people.